Are you wondering, "How long will it take to receive my order?" or "Where are my eyes?"? Read on!

All eyes are hand painted to order, except for clear, black, red or pink eyes and noses.

You place your order. We receive and check the order within 24 hours.

  • Orders WITHOUT paint will ship ASAP.
  • Orders WITH paint will take a minimum of 24 hours to be painted and completely dried BEFORE they can ship.
  • Orders placed after 12pm, EST., will not be processed until the next business day.
  • We are in the office Monday through Friday only. There is no post on the weekends or U.S. Federal Holidays.

Due to the nature of this craft, we can only predict the time it will take to paint and dry your order, based on experience. Orders ebb and flow. What's that mean? Well, we may be a small business, but, we receive THOUSANDS of orders. At times, we may even receive one order that has 500 pair of painted eyes on them! When we receive large orders or lots of orders in a short period of time, this will extend the amount of time it takes to paint them all and then ship them. We do our best to work as quickly as we can, without sacrificing quality.

  • Processing times do vary through-out the year.
  • Busy season is generally July through December.  
  • We paint one order at a time.
  • Orders are painted FIFO (First In, First Out).

Please pay attention to the estimated processing times! This is on the top banner of EVERY page. 

Shipping time is SEPERATE from the processing time! What's that mean?

  • USA Ground takes 2-5 business days to reach it's destination. If you choose this option, you must ADD the given time frame to the processing time.
  • All shipping options give an estimated time frame of arrival for your package, AFTER it has been processed and given to the Postal Service. This will appear on the Checkout page once you choose your Shipping Service.
  • Priority is an option. 


Choosing Priority shipping will not guarantee your order will be the next one shipped. We squeeze in Priority orders where we can. 

  • Priority Shipping is usually 1-3 business days.
  • Remember, that time must be ADDED to the Processing Time.


  • All orders will be shipped with a tracking number.
  • Once an order is packaged and ready to ship, you will receive an email with the tracking information.
  • Be sure to check your tracking number if you have not yet received it. 
  • Setting up an account will allow you to log in and check the status of your orders and see previous orders.
  • Still unsure? Please use the 'Contact Us' page to send us an email! 

Plan accordingly. We can rush some items but will not sacrifice the wait time of orders in queue.

Thank you!