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NEW Dragon Nightmare

A NEW Dragon Eye is here! We've turned this purple dragon eye over to the dark.

Dragon Nightmare is now available.

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NEW Pastel Hologram Colors

5 NEW Hologram colors have been added! These gorgeous shades are perfect for a softer, spring like feel.

Colors are Baby Chick, Mint, Sky Blue, Lavender, and Bubblegum.

Available in Round and Cat Pupil.

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Candy Hearts Craft Eyes

There's something so fun and sweet about those sugar hearts! How about adding some of that innocent sweetness to your next craft?

Available in 12mm to 40mm.

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Hugs & Kisses Craft Eyes

Sign your next loving craft with a little 'XO'. You'll be able to leave your 'signature' with Hugs & Kisses.

Available in 12mm to 40mm.

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Galaxy Cat Eyes

Galaxy Eyes are now available in Cat (oval pupil) eyes! These eyes will elivate your next project, out of this world.

Available in a single pair or in a Value Pack (10 pair).

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