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3 NEW Whimsical Glitter Colors!

Bubbles, Gunpowder, and Candy Clouds.

Available in both Cat (oval pupil) and Craft (round pupil) Eyes.

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Fantasy Glitter

Chameleon-like glitter that shifts colors when moved/viewed from different angles! Another fun glitter to add to your collection.

Available in Round and Cat Pupil, single pair or combo packs.

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Whimsical Eyes

These fun, color shifting eyes are sure to draw a crowd! Super fun glitter with Chameleon effects.

One of a kind glitter, loaded with various colors, shapes, and sizes. These fun, flirty eyes are sure to be the center of attention!

Available in Round and Cat pupil, starting at 15mm, single pairs or combo packs.

Hurry, they may not last long!

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New Paint Splatter Colors

Paint Splatter Craft Eyes now have 4 new colors to choose from: Aqua, Lady Bug, Purple, and Pastel Rainbow.

These eyes are splattered with different paint colors for a fun effect.

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Plaid Craft Eyes

A super fun twist for that Highland Cow you've been meaning to make! Add a pair of plaid eyes to set your cow apart! Such a great feature for any rustic craft!

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NEW Masquerade Color

Please welcome Dracula to the ball! With his red and black attire, he's the most spectacular of all!

This new color shifts from a gorgeous red to black. The perfect disguise for Dracula. Love bites, right!?
Masquerade are available in both Round Pupil and Cat Pupil.

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NEW Neon Colors

2 New Neon Colors have been added. Orange-Yellow and Red have been added to the line up.

Neon colors are bright, bold colors that also react to black light. They become more vivid, the lighter colors being the most vibrant.

Available in Round or Cat pupil and in a combo pack (includes all 8 colors) or in single pairs.

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NEW Neon Glitter Bomb Colors

New colors available! Neon Glitter Bomb now has 8 colors to choose from!

Red, Orange, Orange-Yellow, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink.

Not only do these eyes look vibrant in the day light, but they come to life when exposed to a black light! So much fun to be had!

Available in Round or Cat Pupil.

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NEW Razzle Dazzle

All new Glitter Eyes! These glitter eyes have all the Glitz and Glamour you could ask for.

Razzle Dazzle Eyes come in 9 different colors!

Available in Round and Cat Pupil.

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