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Dragon Pink Lemonade

Summer is right around the corner and we can't help but be excited for all that comes with it!

Choose our newest Dragon Pink Lemonade to brighten up your next project. 

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Colorshifting Pinwheel

Your favorite childhood summer toy is now available as a Craft Eye! 

The Pinwheel is painted in a Color Shift paint. This means that with each movement, the colors look like they slightly change from one color to another! 

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Double Glitter Peridot & Lavender

Two new Double Glitter Colors have arrived. Introducing Peridot and Lavender. 

Available in both Round Pupil or Oval Pupil. Also available in single pairs or a Value Pack (pack of 10).

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Koala Noses

If you love Koalas, you will LOVE these cute noses! They have a smooth shaft and tiny nostrils!

Make your next Koala craft come to life. Currently available in a small, 13mm or a medium 24mm size.

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Double Glitter Copper

Our newest Double Glitter color is Copper. With 2 types of copper glitter, these eyes are extremely bold and bright!

Available in single pairs or in a pack and Round or Oval Pupil.

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Glitter Golden Treasure

Golden Treasure is the second Gold color in our Glitter line up. It is a lighter gold with a bit more sparkle to it. 

Available in Round and Oval Pupil as well as single or value packs.

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Glitter Copper

Glitter Copper is our second NEW color. Glitter has lots of sparkle to bring life to your projects.

Available in single pairs or in a pack. Round or Oval Pupil.

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2020 Brings LOW Prices!

Glitter Rainbow Stripe Eyes

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