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NEW Patchwork Craft Eyes

Try out these new Patchwork Craft Eyes for your next Halloween or Christmas Project.

Choose from His or Hers. They resemble your favorite Nightmare Creatures and will be truly unique!

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NEW Fruit Slices Craft Eyes

Tooty Fruity! The PERFECT summer treat is here. FRESH FRUIT SLICES! These are beautiful, bold eyes are painted to resemble fruit slices.

Available in single pair or in a combo pack (contains all 8 options).

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NEW Masquerade Color

Blossom has been added to the Masquerade color line up!

This color shifts from a beautiful light green to a rosy pink. They resemble the budding and flowering of a cherry tree. Such gorgeous blooms!

Available in Round and Cat pupil.

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Tie Dye Craft Eyes

Grab a pair of these new, whimsical craft eyes! Super cute designs painted to resemble Tie Dye Swirls!

Available in sizes 12mm to 40mm, round pupil eyes.

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