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Shimmer Rainbow Pack

You can now purchase a rainbow pack of Shimmer Eyes!

This set of 7 Shimmer Rainbow colors include, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Bubblegum.

Available in both Cat (oval pupil) and Craft (round pupil) Eyes.

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New Shimmer Colors

New colors have joined the Shimmer Eye line up. Beautiful new shades of Jade, Goldenrod, Violet, Fuchsia, Butteryfly and Rose Gold to choose from.

Available in Round or Cat Eye.

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NEW Masquerade Colors

2 NEW Masquerade Colors have been added.

Rosebud and Hunter are the latest 2 guests to our ball. Who will you go as?

Masquerade is a beautiful Chameleon paint. These are vibrant, color shifting pigments that add depth and dimension to projects.

They are available in both Round Pupil and Cat Pupil.

*Masquerade Combo will be updated to include all new colors soon.*

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NEW Solar Glitter Colors

4 NEW Solar Glitter Colors to choose from! These are Suncatcher Craft Eyes EXCLUSIVE paints! They are custom blended paints that are not found elsewhere.
Silver to Plum, Hot Pink to Purple, Seafoam to Ocean Blue, and Ice to Rouge have been added to the color options.
Available in Round Pupil and Cat Pupil.

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NEW Dragon Nightmare

A NEW Dragon Eye is here! We've turned this purple dragon eye over to the dark.

Dragon Nightmare is now available.

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NEW Pastel Hologram Colors

5 NEW Hologram colors have been added! These gorgeous shades are perfect for a softer, spring like feel.

Colors are Baby Chick, Mint, Sky Blue, Lavender, and Bubblegum.

Available in Round and Cat Pupil.

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