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Mystery Eye Kit

Mystery Eye Kit

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If you can't choose between eyes, how about a Mystery Kit?! In these kits, you will receive a wide variety of colors and styles in both round and oval pupil. Styles will vary between each size and no two kit will be identical.

You could receive Limited Edition Eyes, Dragons, Glow in the Dark, Animal Prints, Glitter, and even un-released styles and colors! Each kit will contain 32 eyes. 8 12mm, 8 15mm, 8 18mm, and 8 21mm.

Your kit color may vary in color. Each box has a locking snap to keep your items secure. Each size eye and washer is in its own compartment so there is no mix up. There is a 'key' on the inside lid that includes size and item name in each compartment.


Eye and washer pose a choking hazard to small children and pets!

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